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July 7, 2011


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SDCC Avatar Panels!

Journal Entry: Thu Jul 7, 2011, 11:12 AM

Along with my good friend, Ethereal-Glutton :iconethereal-glutton: I'm happy to share that there will be an Avatar the Last Airbender Fan Panel at this year's SDCC on Saturday morning. Thanks to her hard work, Avatarlegacy Fan Panels has been given another opportunity to organize a tribute to the fandom!

The best part? Just as we were fortunate to have some of the crew ATLA with us at Anime Expo last year, we're proud to announce that John O'Bryan and Ian B. Graham will be on hand to talk to fans about their experience working on the show.

John O'Bryan is the credited writer behind many Avatar episodes from all three seasons such as,  "The Waterbending Scroll" "The Library" and "The Headband" just to name a few. You'll have to ask him why he's the Master of the Flying Guillotine yourself since he took us by surprise on that one as well. Hopefully only a few heads will roll.

:iconibgraham: Ian B. Graham served as a storyboard artist for the series and shares a lot of his past ATLA work right here on DA (click his icon there to check it out) He's also currently working on *drumroll* The Legend of Korra as well! I do believe he's forbidden to talk about any details from the show however, so don't get your hopes up for any spoilers. Any juicy secrets relating to the original series should be fair game though! ;)

:iconisaia: Our fan spotlight features the work of well-known artist Isaia who's had work commissioned for the all-Avatar editions of Nick Magazine as well as having been featured in a fan interview on the Season 3 DVD box set special feature, "Women of Avatar."

:iconbooter-freak: Our fan spotlight continues with Booter-Freak renown Avatar fanartist and fanhumorist (I coined a new phrase!) If you haven't seen the kind of crazy things Booter and Isaia get up to together be sure to check out this Deviation:

:iconalternatecoppa: Finally, I'll be there too. Yeah I know, me again. But I'll have the Puppetbenders with me and they're always far more entertaining then I am anyhow! I'm scared to promise this because of the tight deadline... But I'm currently working right now on a new Puppet video (the first in almost a full year!) and I (barring disaster) intend to premiere it at the panel! As a clue as to whom it stars, I'll simply say it's not any of the current Puppets you've seen so far! *wink* *wink* ;) Cross your fingers for me that I can get it all done in time!


I don't have any real details to share but word on the street is that there will be an official Nickelodeon Avatar panel later that same day as well as word there should be an autograph signing! So it looks like all of Saturday at SDCC is going to an incredible Avatar revival! Be sure to save time in your schedule to make it to all the events, but if you do have to skip one or two then just make sure you come ours... Kidding! ;)


Nicktoons will have a film crew wandering around SDCC to film various Nickelodeon shenanigans. I know they plan to roam about the convention on Thursday... could this mean that there will be many Nickelodeon offerings to enjoy on Thursday? Maybe something an Avatar fan would be interested in attending? Its possible...

Hopefully the film crew will stick around through the weekend. This could mean that they might stop into our fan panel. I hope they do! They will experience an amazing group of creative, caring, and thoughtful fans, all excited about everything Avatar... from the beginning and beyond :)

Just in case the image at the top of this journal fails to load, again here's the where & when of the panel:

Avatar the Last Airbender Fan Group
Saturday, July 23
Room: Santa Rosa
11:00 - 12:00 PM

I can't wait! I don't believe we've had an-all Avatar Day convention event like this since 2008! I hope to see you all there and FEEL FREE to copy and share the digital flyer image at the top of this journal anywhere you like!

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Isaia Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2011  Student General Artist
Ethereal-Glutton Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2011
oh yeaaaah, nice update sir! you should write all my material from now on :glomp:
alternatecoppa Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2011
You mean the parts I don't steal from you? :D :glomp:
n1njap1rate Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011  Student Artisan Crafter
Ooh I hope my friends and I can make it to the panel! That sounds like all kinds of fun. :D
MoonlitShadow76 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
So excited! I managed to get Friday/Saturday tickets, but I am bummed to be missing whatever is going on on Thursday. At least I'll be around for "AVATAR DAY" as people are calling it. :)
shardin2 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
Congrats and I wish you luck
AmiraElizabeth Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
Very cool! And oooo...puppets. It's looking like this year will be pretty awesome. There is a Character in Music panel on Thurs. that has the Track Team as well as Mike as Bryan as panelists.

And yay, digital flyer! Will certainly be helpful in planning what to see and do.

Saturday will definitely be Avatar Day (yes, bad pun intended. :D )
evangelian007 Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
Oh man I wish I could go!:( I hope someone video records the panel and post it on youtube. I'm a sucker for anything Puppet Bender and or Avatar(Not the Jim cameron version).

Speaking of Puppet benders It would be cool if there was a Puppet version of Ahsoka. It would be funny to see Puppet Katara and Puppet Toph getting jealous of Ahsoka getting her own action figure while Toph and Katara getting nothing(except the live action Katara figure...but since it's related to the crappy Airbender In name Only it dosen't

But still good luck with the panel. I would love to get your autograph or something.
SparrowsSongCosplay Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Keep me updated! I won't be able to go, (I've never been, MA is pretty far away from there for a 17 year-old :D) but I always love hearing of the Avatar shenanigans!! :heart:
alternatecoppa Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2011
We'll be sure to take lots of pictures! :nod:
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